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" We Have and we can make "

We make furniture that is unique and different from others, will make you confident

Always hear and look for new ones from customer requests according to what they need

like old, shabby, used goods, that's the difference between modern people and people who value art

We make furniture for those of you who like beauty, neatness, always appear dynamic and perfect.

The beauty of royal residences, bringing us furniture makers like living in them

Demand knowledge even when you reach China, that's the appropriate word for this industrial furniture

Stylish, firm and sharp indentations make your furniture classy and high-weight

For those of you who like classic furniture but classy and not shaky establishment.

Primitive but modern. that's one of the different furniture images but in unity, makes your design extraordinary

Old but want to look young, this is a picture of the furniture we created. extraordinary design

Handmade carving for palace furniture . Beauty, luxury and looks expensive, classy. are you the owner?

with good stainless stell combine wood. make your living elegant

Real wood furniture and french style with a touch of luxury and durable paint

solid wood furniture and Jepara carvings that are famous and always sought after from various worlds

Furniture with industrial touches and special features. for your dream to be real

Do not make the wrong decision to complement the house and decorate your room. You must be observant so as not to make the wrong choice according to your personality 

Shabby, feminine, beautiful looks dazzling. is your characteristic that likes the nature of calm in life and is always at home in a dream home. with a touch of flower painting, you always feel happy

Antiq touch. looks old but new, becomes a charismatic furniture that makes one of your home collections smooth and perfect

You always love your home, furniture like this is always a feature that you are a loyal person

Teak furniture for gardens requires good material, durable and long lasting. that's why you need to try it

Touch of solar glass in your room furniture. make you in a different class

Your choice of furniture is your character, so make it a comfortable residence like your feelings. good feeling is good furniture

Life must always change, so you don't get bored. so is furniture because he is always our friend. and the next generation

Unique, looks different and contemporary. one style of home for those of you who always want to be in front and don't want to be in someone else's domain. think far away

C U S T O M   O R D E R    W E L C O M E 

Welcome our potential buyers. Are you looking furniture for supply your Trade, House, Residence, Villa, Apartment, Cafe, Restaurant and Hotel? We sell for retail and wholesale with many collection furniture made in Indonesia. If you do not find what you are looking for from our collection or find something similar, Please send email to 
info@hansafurniture.com for discuss or try special order with best price.